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7 Things You DON’T Really Need for Your Wedding

Wedding planning can get overwhelming quickly. There are many details that go into planning the wedding of your dreams, so you don’t want to spend time and resources on things that don’t matter. Even though “things that don’t matter” are pretty subjective, we’ve compiled a list of 7 things you DON’T really need for your wedding! This will help you prioritize and not feel dragged down by things you’re only considering because tradition and popularity  makes you believe they are important.

Printed Wedding Program and Menu

There’s no need in having a printed wedding program and menu. Save paper and resources by taking advantage of your wedding website to share the plans for the celebration. If you’re doing a plated meal, the server will most likely inform the guests about the menu, and if you’re having a buffet you can ask the caterer about food signs for the dishes.

Printed Save the Dates

In this age of technology and calendars in the palm of our hands, a printed save the date simply doesn’t fulfill its purpose. Nowadays many couples are using social media and other online tools to collect mailing addresses and RSVPs, so you might as well use them as your save the date! Your guests will appreciate how easy it is to add your event to their calendars and the automatic reminders. And you’ll appreciate the cost savings of not having to mail these out to everyone!

Wedding Cake

Okay, so this might be one of the most controversial topics on this list. Truth is, there are many cute alternatives to a wedding cake to choose from if you want to save money or simply do something unique and different. Think about your menu, your wedding style and pick something you and your fiancé truly enjoy! After all, 90% of a wedding cake’s fondant goes to waste anyway, so choose wisely where you want to invest your dessert dollars.

Professional Dance Classes

Again, unless you and your sweetheart are professionally trained dancers, don’t stress about having to master your first dance. The whole point of a couple’s first dance is to have a romantic one-on-one moment in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. Both of you will only fully enjoy it if you’re comfortable and focusing on each other and not trying to remember the choreography or to not step on each other’s feet.

Non-consumable Wedding Favors

As tempting as those mini photo magnets might be, you don’t need to give your guests anything to remember your wedding day. If you still want to give a favor to thank your guests for coming to your wedding, consider some kind of treat that they will enjoy on the ride back after the party. It’s true perishable favors will end minutes after the reception and be gone forever, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plus, everyone will have photos to reminisce your big day, either from the photographer or from their phones, so don’t lose any precious night of sleep thinking about the perfect take home gift.

Expensive Shoes

You want to feel gorgeous from head to toe on your big day. When it comes to shoes, the best treat you can give yourself is wearing something that not only makes you feel pretty but comfortable as well. A lot of brides unnecessarily get caught up in buying fancy designer shoes or ones with intricate details. Sure, you’ll get an artsy shot or two showing off your shoes but overall no one will see what you’re wearing on your feet so shift your focus to the dress and other accessories. Plus, a bride who is comfortable standing on her feet for a long period of time is a happy bride – and happy brides are always beautiful.

DIY Project

Every bride wants her own personal touch on her big day, and that usually translates into embracing a DIY project (or many). If doing crafts makes you happy and it’s something you enjoy doing, go for it. If not, don’t feel obligated to hop on the DIY train or you’ll be in for a stressful ride. Your wedding will have your personal touch no matter what, after all, you are choosing the colors, the theme, the venue, the food, the music, etc. So who’s going to care if you weren’t the one gluing the strass crystals around the candles?