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8 Ways to Warm Up Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are beautiful, fun… and cold! But even when the temperatures drop and the snow is up to your knees outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your guests warm and cozy during your big day.

From decorations to food and entertainment, here are 8 ways to warm up your winter wedding.

1. Hand Warmers

Hand warmers typically last about 30 minutes—just enough time for you to take those perfect snow-filled pictures you need with your wedding party after the ceremony. Before heading outside, have your maid of honor hand a couple of these tiny heaters out to each bridesmaid and groomsman to put in their shoes and gloves if they’re wearing them. And make sure to keep some for you and your groom!

2. Scented Candles

A quick way to warm up your winter wedding, and make your reception venue smell amazing, is placing scented candles throughout the room. Add cinnamon, apple pie or vanilla scented candles to create that cozy feel you want from the moment your guests arrive until they leave.

3. Cozy Seating Areas

Depending on where you hold your reception, add close, cozy seating areas into corners of the room and in the loft if there is one. Round tables and chairs are the go-to, but in the wintertime, soft couches, large armchairs, ottomans and end tables really make a large room more intimate.

4. Warm Tones

You can also add some warmth to your reception by decorating with warm tones. Cranberry red, burgundy, forest green and classic shades of browns should do the trick—and each can be easily added to any winter wedding color palette.

5. Friendly Fire

Nothing beats the traditional winter warmer, or makes as beautiful a wintertime backdrop than a roaring fire. Hold your reception inside a venue that has a fireplace to give your wedding that nice cozy homey feeling.

6. Bust a Move

As the bride and groom, it’s your job to heat things up at your wedding. And there’s no more fun a way to heat things up than on the dance floor. After your traditional first dance as a couple, have your wedding DJ play the year’s hottest songs and classic favorites to make everyone work up a nice, warm sweat on the dance floor.

7. Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot chocolate isn’t just a tasty drink; it’s an instant hand and entire body warmer. Keep yours festively filled by offering different seasonal flavors, peppermint stirring sticks and plenty of mini marshmallows to throw on top.

8. Functional Wedding Favors

Wedding favors don’t have to be boring; make yours fun, cute and warm. Keep your guests warm inside at your reception and then let them go home toasty with fuzzy gloves or mittens, snuggly blankets or hot chocolate mix inside a mason jar.