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Choosing the Shape of your Bridal Bouquet

The shape of your bridal bouquet is as important as knowing the colors and flowers you want. And deciding what type of bouquet will complement best your wedding dress and style just got more simple! Check out the tips below and make no mistake when choosing the shape of your bridal bouquet.

Pageant bouquet

This is the most traditional style of bouquet that a bride can choose and is the classic wedding bouquet shape for many reasons. One of them is because this style works well with almost all wedding dress styles and levels of formality. They can also be composed with multiple colors or just one tone. They can be adjusted to be larger or smaller depending on the shape of the dress and the preference of the bride. They are also one of the most low-cost bouquets for florists to arrange because of how simple they are.

Hand Tied Bouquet

Hand tied bouquets feature a very loose, free theme that often include flowers mixed with other leaves or greenery. This style gets its name because hand tied bouquets are most commonly tied loosely with fabric, lace, or even a ribbon or twine. It has a very bohemian, wild-grown feel and goes well with flowy, sheath wedding dresses.

Nosegay/Posy Bouquet

This is one of the most popular styles featured in weddings in the U.S. These loosely-tied bouquets are usually embellished with a brooch or a chain. Flower stems are tied together with fabrics, lace, burlap, or even a vintage family handkerchief. This style has a very whimsical feel and works well with both traditional or wild flowers.

Cascading Bouquet

Cascading bouquets, also referred to as ‘shower’ bouquets, spill gracefully down in a vertical manner. This is a very traditional style of bouquet that is often matched with a long train and a long veil. Even though they are not the most current of fashion trends, they are still very classic and elegant.

Long Stem Bouquet

Long stem bouquets are similar to the Posy style ones in the way they are arranged. However, long stem bouquet stalks are left long and untrimmed. The stems on these bouquets are perfect canvases for adding a cute embellishment or a material like lace or burlap.These fit well for brides with longer torsos or brides who are wearing straight, A-line dresses.

Round Bouquet

Round bouquets are most commonly made of one type of flower, like roses or carnations. This style of bouquet is also most commonly a single tone and the stems are wrapped traditionally with ribbons or fabric. These bouquets are formed into perfect domes and are accompanied well with tighter, more fitted dresses on brides.

Composite Bouquet

Composite, also known as glamelia, is a bouquet that is composed of individual petals rather than whole flowers. The petals are arranged and secured to form one large flower bud. This is one of the more expensive styles to request, but they look stunning when done well. This style appears that each bride or bridesmaid is holding their own very large, full bloom. It is a style fitting for brides who have a flair for the dramatic.