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How to Prepare for Summer Bridals in Utah

Wedding days are hectic. From getting your hair and makeup done to cutting the cake, there’s a lot happening in between. So instead of trying to cram in more pictures on your wedding day, lighten the load and shoot your bridals a few days or weeks before.

Don’t assume bigger is always better

You don’t need a huge, wide-open area to shoot your bridals. You can shoot inside a small studio and still come out with beautifully unique shots. All you need is some creativity and fun with personalized details thought of by you and your photographer.

Choose a location based off your wedding theme and dress

In terms of location, rather than focusing on size, focus on your wedding theme and dress. If you’re having an outdoor, rustic wedding, find an old barn or head up to the mountains to take your bridals. If you’re wearing a traditional wedding dress and are having an urban themed wedding, shoot your bridals in downtown Salt Lake City or at the Utah State Capitol building.

Bring the essentials

Like with your engagement photos and wedding day, you need to be prepared for your bridal session. And being prepared means bringing the right stuff with you. The essentials list, no matter where you’re taking your photos, includes: lipstick, hairspray, bobby pins, makeup to do any touchups, your maid of honor to assist you and a healthy snack. For outside bridals, your essentials should also include: water, some sunscreen if you’re prone to sunburns and something to keep you cool, like a small handheld fan.

Pay to get your makeup professionally done

You may have watched tons of YouTube makeup tutorials and feel confident in your makeup abilities, but pictures last forever and you want to look your absolute best in your bridals. Plus, having your bridals taken is a chance to let yourself get pampered. Everyday makeup isn’t what you want for bridal photos. Professionals know what they’re doing, so let them turn your blank canvas into the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen, and a face that will actually show up in pictures. Also, half of the reason to do a bridal session is to test out your wedding day look, so make sure whoever is doing your makeup on your big day is also doing it for your bridals.

Don’t forget about your hair

With an outdoor photoshoot, be mindful of how well your mane and the climate get along. You may want your luscious locks down in your photos, but if it’s supposed to be humid and windy, is that really a smart option? You want to look great, but you also want to feel comfortable during your photo shoot, so think about hairstyles that will make you both.