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Six Ideas to Make Your Wedding High-Tech

You and your beau are all about the latest tech gadgets. It’s why you two own smartwatches and the newest iPhones and iPads, and why you’re looking into buying the Amazon Echo and a smart bed for your new home.

So why shouldn’t your wedding day incorporate the latest technology? From capturing every moment of the big day to creating your own Snapchat filter, here’s how to make your wedding high tech.

GoPro Bouquet

There are so many small moments that happen throughout your wedding day, and since your eyes can’t see it all (or because you’re too wrapped up in finally being married to your loved one) you might miss seeing the look on everyone’s faces when you walk out of the temple or candid moments of your crazy family just being themselves. Some brides are putting a GoPro into their wedding bouquet to capture all those special moments. And if you want to see your wedding day from a different vantage point, stick one in your maid of honor’s bouquet as well.

GIF Photo Booth

Photo booths aren’t anything new at wedding receptions. Kids and even grandparents have fun dressing up in crazy hats and fake mustaches. But today’s couples are opting for a higher-tech photo booth—Gif booths. In these photo booths, the camera takes bursts of photos and then puts them together to create a short stop-motion clip. After their clip is finished, your guests can then upload theirs to social media.

Geo-targeted Snapchat Filters

You’ve got your wedding hashtag ready to go, but do you have your own custom Snapchat Geofilter? If not, you need to get one. You can either create your own design, use one of Snapchat’s existing templates or hire a company to do the design work for you. Whichever route you take, just remember to follow Snapchat’s guidelines to create yours and give Snapchat at least one business day to approve your submission. Also, this tech feature won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Snapchat pricing starts at only $5, and then goes up depending on a handful of factors.

360-degree Live Stream

If you’ve got any friends or family who can’t make it to your wedding, you can still have them be part of your big day. Thanks to Facebook launching their 360-degree video feature, various tech companies and videographers have created ways for couples to live stream their wedding. Many offer an app where you send your guests a digital invite to privately stream your wedding on their phone, tablet or laptop.

Turn Social Media Footage into a Wedding Video

I’m not saying you should replace a professional videographer, but wouldn’t it be so fun to take wedding footage from your sister’s phone and the best man’s GoPro he put on his head during the dancing part of the evening? A variety of companies today can take all the raw video footage from your wedding day, no matter what device it was shot on or even what social platform it was shot from, and turn that footage into a single wedding video for you to watch and laugh at for years down the road.

Create a Cash Registry

Sure it’s fun registering for things you need—like a dinnerware set, bath towels and a high-tech blender—but sometimes you get three crockpots or you already have the basic kitchen and bathroom things other couples register for. What you’d really like is money, so you can put a down payment on a house. With Tendr, you can get the cash you want and still sign up for a wedding registry to please your guests by letting them know what their money is going toward.